On my Quilting Floor last nite....

Don't you think that basting is the hardest work of all?  Just the thought of getting down on my knees---ugh.   Making sure that everything is straight and neat and tidy.  The reward, though, is that I can start to quilt.  Rows and rows of machine quilting all over my freshly-pieced blocks, listening to every hum of my machine.  Yes, it is worth it.

Now this quilt will be different.

I am excited because I am planning on using a 12-weight Sulky cotton to stitch the sashing, in a much more simple grid than usual. 

 See the fabrics involved--my favorite and probably yours, Anna Maria Horner!  I tried to make logical progressions in the colors of the blocks.  I have not yet decided how to quilt inside those blocks, but I have a little time yet.


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