{Rope} Bowls of Fun!

I love to learn something new, and making coiled rope bowls has suited me perfectly!  Some months ago I purchased a package of clothesline and there the package stayed, in a shopping bag, while other handicrafts kept me busy.  After feeling somewhat restless and wanting a diversion, I pulled out the rope.  What fun!

In no time at all, two bowls were finished.  The white bobbin thread in my machine hardly shows on the outside of the bowl, and a light gold thread on the spool adds a little color to the inside.   I finished the end of the rope with a piece of autumnal cotton.

Starting the circle is just a little tricky; however, once you get going, it is just plain fun to watch the bowl shape up.  Make bottom of your bowl as large as you like, then start to hold the work up with your left hand to shape the sides.

Literally, I just kept going round and round till I was pleased with the size, and then cut the rope off.  I used a small amount of spray adhesive to hold the fabric around the end of the rope unti it was zigzagged to the side of the bowl.  

One thing I noticed as I stitched was the need to adjust the zigzag size, both the width and length, as I started in order to get a good result and avoid re-stitching any gaps.  

The smaller bowl sits here beside a bottle of hand lotion to give you an idea of the size.  I also show them nested.

These bowls just beg to hold yarn, decorations, gifts, or simply to be gifted.  I plan on making them for Christmas.

They will also be available in my Etsy store soon.  

Thank you so much for joining my excitement today!

Sew fun,


  1. So pretty! I've been wanting to try rope bowls for a long time, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I love the idea of using a coloured thread inside and white thread outside. It's a little surprise for those who look in the bowl :)

    1. Thanks Leanne! I really love the process, and I am sure you will also!

  2. Many of the rope bowls I've seen have wrapped the clothesline in fabric. I like the clean look of your bowls, and definitely have to add this to my To Do list. I actually bought clothesline to use for making bowls but ended up using it for another project. I better run out and get some more! They look great!

    1. Thanks so much! I really prefer the clean look also, and they match my decor so much better like this. You will enjoy making yours!


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