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Patience and Precision

I am finally to the point of quilting my collage, The Dress, by Laura Heine.  This was such a joy to make, so much fun to plan, that I have kept it in my living room for days just to look at it!

Once I added the hair, she looked so friendly and sweet!  Without the hair she seemed a little stuck up, lol!

Quilting, though, is subject to the allowable space in my sewing room.  I knew that I would need to mark each line with my hera marker and a ruler, so for each line I had to lay the quilt out and remark.  Probably I'm too nervous about the lines disappearing, so I do this separately with each line.   My poor quilt will be worn out before it's done.

This quilt is SO worth any challenge I come up against.  What we make with our hands should make our hearts happy, too!

What kind of challenges do you face when you are quilting?  It would be nice to know how you deal with limitations or "opportunities"!

Sew fun,

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