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A Day for ME! Sew Day!

Last week was rough--a family funeral.  So yesterday I worked overtime in order to have today to myself!  The exterior painters are here again, finishing up, and I am kind of painted inside my house right now.  Perfect day!

Grandchild number 10 is closing in on me, and I decided to play with embroidery and fabric to start her gift package.

Actually piecing last evening, I put together a crib quilt with some embroidery.  The baby's name is hidden from view under pain of, well, I'm not sure but it would be bad!  Bright and cherry, the colors are in the chosen nursery palate.  

Daughter number three also requested loveys in elephant.  It just so happens I had two in my embroidery stash.  I made them both up to have an "heir and a spare".  I remember buying three exactly the same cows for my first granddaughter!  

Once again, the name is embroidered but hidden!

Same daughter, another request.  More pillowcases.  I looked up a tutorial for the rolled pillow case and found a gr…

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