About Me

This page makes me smile a little, as I am mom of 3.5 kiddos, all grown, and 6 grands, with a seventh in heaven.  Oh, and a cat.  Only the cat is still living at home with hubby and myself, cat has more personality than most people I know!

My three daughters are all married, and two of them gave me the six grandchildren.  Natalie, the youngest, has no children as of yet. 

My grands do like what I like!  I am so fortunate, as they help me sew when they visit.  If they arrange my nine-patch, I leave it like they arrange it.  

Landon's block

I do love a nine-patch quilt!

Always use safety gear!
Christopher is more of an outdoors guy, so Grandma took him to the range and worked with him on proper stance.  We had a great time!

Oddly enough, I am an organist at my church.  I say that because I have played the piano since grade school (never mind how many years) but never touched an organ my entire life.  Then our church organist died.  A wonderful woman in her eighties, whose shoes were so large that no one could ever expect to fill them.  But the void in our church was really huge, and I was truly impressed to work on filling it, and I could not say no.  I am surprised at myself, at my age, that I could learn something new, like playing an organ.  I enjoy it, the congregation seems to enjoy it, and I am thankful that I said yes to God when He called me!

Enough for now.  If you actually read all of this, good for you!  Drop me a line sometime!



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