Sewing Day!

I continue to work on two projects right now (more than that but I am thinking of the really active ones).  My EPP is progressing--I had stopped at the point where filler diamonds were needed, and felt a little stymied there.  Letting the project rest was the perfect idea, and I am so enthused about finishing it up.

What I had to do was to stop stressing over the colors of the diamonds, and just go with it!

My other project is a Christmas wall hanging, one of Laura Heine's collages, called The Dress.  I am using Christmas fabrics to construct the dress, and it is turning out to be a lot of fun.  

Here you see the bare bones of the bodice and face.  Laura's directions are quite clear and helpful, and since I haven't done much collage, I keep referring back to them.  I especially like the idea of the face seeming incomplete, and the focus on the dress.  

Her face will have just a little embellishment, but the hat-- I hope to have fun with the hat!

Will keep you all up-to-date.  I see some gold thread, and some crystals in my future!

Sew fun,

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  1. Oh, wow! First of all, your EPP project isn’t gorgeous! Filler did,mods stop me dead in my tracks all the time! Good job getting it together and going for it. Now let’s talk about your collage project. I’m in awe! And can’t wait until you finish it! It’s already beautiful!

    1. I will keep you posted! It is just interesting to do!

  2. Very cool projects! I really like your diamonds.

    1. Thanks! Once I stopped stressing over them it was easy!

  3. Would you mind amending your post to include a reference to Design Wall Monday at ? That way, when people click on your link and go to your blog to read it, they can easily click back to Design Wall Monday to go to the next blog. Thanks!

    I love your project of the dress and hat lady in Christmas fabrics, can't wait to see more of it.



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