Hand Stitching on a Quiet Evening!

Fridays are wonderful for quiet stitching!  After a day spent running a hundred (or so) errands, I really wanted to sit down and put up my feet.  Perfect opportunity to finish my Kaffe one-block wonder.

One of my errands was to get binding fabric from Joann's.  Done. Check World Market for a love seat.  More furniture?  

When I walked into the store and saw this, I was blown away with how perfect it is!  Hubby and I are so happy in our new little home, and a loveseat will fit the space perfectly!

Returned a purchase to Bed Bath Beyond.  Drama!  A young man insisted on carrying in my box, and I let him.  After thanking him for his help, he walked away but came back and asked for a "few dollars".  I simply don't carry cash very often and told him so.  I don't know how everyone feels about such a situation, but he was so bedraggled and run down.  I scooped up all the loose change in my pocketbook and gave it to him.  What would you do?

Tomorrow is a day full of possibilities since I was invited on a girl's trip to the Charlotte Women's Show with my daughters.  

Tonight, quiet reigns.  It's just me and The Great Gatsby on Netflix!

I hope your week was wonderful also!

Sew fun,


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much! I am quite excited!

  2. What an awesome love seat. I would have bought that in a minute! And I absolutely would have given that fella some cash. People are hurting. Well done!

    1. I really appreciate your comment! Thank you

  3. Binding, my least favorite chore. LOL I thought about what you said about the young man. I would be torn. I would probably give him the money, if I had any, or offer him a meal from McDonald's. I would be worried that he would be using the money for drugs or alcohol addiction, because I see a lot of that, so I prefer to provide food when I can. But, yes, I'd probably have given him money anyway, if I had any cash.

    1. I do agree with your preference--if I wasn't in the middle of this transaction I would have done just that--bought a meal. I was thinking of my friends' daughter, who is an addict, and looked pretty much the same way, dirty and bedraggled. Heartbreaking! She is in treatment now so they are cautiously optimistic!

      Oh, and I used to feel the same way about binding, lol.


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