Design Wall Up and Running Again!

I have to tell you how happy I am that my design wall is back up--in my new, quite small, sewing room.  I arranged the entire room to leave a wall empty for designing.  

Lowe's has an insulation foam panel that can be stuck with pins, so I bought two of those, and covered them with vinyl tablecloths, flannel to the front.  Command strips hold them in place but are easily removable.

Best of all, my habit of working on several projects at once can be accommodated!  On the right is my Visible Light quilt from 100 Billion Stars.  On the left, something I am making up as I go.  I think I have a name for it though.  

EPP is so much fun--I wish I could tell you just how satisfying it is!  One of my ongoing tasks is to find the best tools for making the pieces and basting them.  Today I received a package of the most beautiful needles I've ever seen-- John James Gold'n Glide Milliners.   

Unfortunately I cannot thread them because of their teeny tiny holes. The thread went into the eye one time, which was such a tease, because the needle slid through the fabric, just like butter.  Then I couldn't thread it again.  If anyone has any hints or tips, PLEASE let me know!

Now that we are in our house and getting things put together, I hope to sew more.  A lot more. Grandbaby number ten is on the way and I feel a small quilt coming on!

What are you up to?  Now that school is back in session there may just be time for a little more quilting!

Sew fun,


  1. Grandbaby #10!! How exciting - congratulations! That design wall looks really fun with all those flowers blooming all over it. :) Sorry about the needles. I don't have any suggestions to help, but I hope you find a way to get them threaded.

    1. Thanks Beth! I am having quite the time with my wall! It's also so perfect for one-block wonders.

  2. Debbie, your Visible Light quilt looks lovely! The Tula fabrics are so much fun. So happy to see what others make with my patterns.


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