Babies and Hats and Keeping Warm!

So much is going on right now with our Amazon business (holiday selling season!) and cold weather coming, and our tenth grandbaby on the way.

My daughter loves to have handmade items for the baby, and her latest request was a blanket that not only fits into the car seat but has slits to let the straps come through the blanket.  

(EDIT)  Well this turned out to be a terrible idea!  It turns out that using a blanket such as this is unsafe!  Probably the best thing to do at this point is to "repair" this blanket and let it go at that.  Always learning something new.  

We took an old receiving blanket and fit it into the carseat to mark placement, then I went to work.  The prototype is here.

I had a white blanket and so I just lined it with flannel, then marked and stitched the slits.  Taking it today to test it on the carseat!   I will say that it is quite soft and snuggly.

Being in the car for extended periods also gives me time to knit, so I turned out two hats this week.  Or maybe three, I'm not sure!

I hope your week is full of fun, fall, and lots of creativity!



  1. It was worth the try! Cute hats! Amazon business? I’ll just have to check that out. Will I find a link somewhere on your page?

    1. Thanks so much! I'd rather knit socks, so they will become my KIP now!

  2. I haven't had little ones in many years. I don't understand how the car seat blanket can be unsafe. Please explain.

    1. Apparently the car seat specifications don't allow for any kind of "padding" between the baby and the seat. The blanket counts as padding. I was quite surprised.


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