Fabric Makes My Heart Sing! {Well, I AM A Quilter!}

A quick post to let you peek at a couple of things in the making.  First, a special delivery from Hawthorne Threads-- a sample of AMH Honor Roll!  I have a plan for this fabric but I cannot show you yet.   I love this fabric!  It feels like silk, too!

The other quilt-in-progress is one of two that I am making for Christmas gifts.  Sigh.  My daughters both requested playmats for my grandsons, who love to play lego-blocks on the floor.  I willingly agreed; however,  I managed to choose a pattern that was apparently untested, or possibly not tested enough.  I found that by staring at the pictures I got through the first top, and the second should go more quickly. 

The back of the playmats will be a grass green Kona, and will probably be the more "functional" side when in use.

Quilting the tops should be MUCH more fun than piecing them, which is not my usual frame of mind!

Christmas sewing continues, and I am so truly pleased that I can participate in creating gifts for loved ones. 

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  1. Yay for new fabric! :) I really like the playmats you are making, and I am sorry to hear the pattern isn't as well thought out as it could be.

  2. New fabrics are so much fun!! The playmats are awfully cute. Hopefully the second one will whip up much more quickly.

  3. Playmats are a great idea! Hate that the pattern is being difficult, hopefully the second one is easier to piece. Have fun quilting them!

  4. The playmat looks wonderful! At least the pattern had pictures. I pattern test clothing patterns and pictures can really be worth a thousand words!

  5. Great playmat. My six year old wants a Lego quilt.


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