Delightfully Non-Scarey Bats!

I'm still pursuing my smaller projects until things calm down a little around here.  I made a few more Shards blocks.  Then I remembered a post from Sarah at Smiles Too Loudly.

First, Sarah used scraps.  I dearly love scraps.  I have to keep her scrappy blocks on my to-do-list.  Then, she showed her bat block.  I had seen that tutorial, from Elizabeth Hartman, awhile ago, and lost track of it when Elizabeth rearranged her blog.  Since Sarah shared the link, I was back on go!

 The block is not nearly as fussy as it may look.  It went together so fast.  I am very happy to say that every piece came right out of my stash, no shopping was necessary!  Since the strips are 2.5 inches wide, I was able to use some leftover jelly roll strips too!

I decided to use a light gray quilting thread, and a combination of echoing and close stitching to quilt the block.  It really emphasizes the bat ears!  

This particular block, made in completely different fabrics, would be wonderful any time of the year!  By the way, here is the link.
So this is my Wednesday!  Linking up to WIP Wednesday!



  1. Great pattern and colors for this time of year! I really like it!

  2. I love this block - I can see making all kinds of things with it!

  3. Oohh, I love the yellow bats! Of course! :D I still need to finish my bats off into a pillow -- thanks for the reminder! :D

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing the link too ... we don't do a lot of Halloween here in Australia but my younger sister spent a bit of time in Canada and absolutely loves it. She likes to dress up my girls and take them trick or treating :) I would like to make a little quilted sign to hang on my door so that families know we are a "trick or treat" friendly home - some people get grumpy here with random kids knocking on their doors asking for treats - lol :)

  5. That is so much fun! Love it- your scraps are fab!


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