Where Have I Been? Finished Bags! What Do Scraps and Rabbits Have in Common?

I know the title of my post is long but I had a lot of information to convey!

First of all, I have been so busy--so very busy, that I have truly had to choose between trying to sew at all or blogging.  Sewing won out.  I indeed have been sewing, and working on smaller projects that made me happy and finished more quickly or just satisfied my need to create.  

While I am still on overload for the next few months, I will try and post, too.  I remain infatuated with small, in-the-hoop embroidery projects, and here are a few that qualify me for finishes!  The bags I have gifted have been very well received!

Because my beloved BabyLock had to go to the doctor for her annual checkup, I made some bags of a different design.  Love them a lot, and they are so fast and easy.  I was running around Walmart at the very last minute looking for some lace trim and actually found some.

This pattern was a Craftsy purchase, and you can really make it your own!  For instance, on my first try, I set both zippers in the same direction.  On the second pouch, I set one in each direction, left and right.  

The bag above is my first try as the zippers are both set in the same direction!  Instead of drawing a pen line down the center to mark the sewing line, I used my hera marker.  Also, since I enjoy making bags, I keep a rather large stash of zippers from zipit on Etsy.  You can really mix and match for fun.  

And THEN, well, have I ever mentioned how much I love scraps?  And how scraps make me kind of nervous if they just sit around and no one is sewing them together?  Well it is true, and so I have been working on these blocks.  

These blocks are so much fun to make.  Mom and I were in a small fabric store where there was a box of scraps.  I picked through them and bought a bag full. What?  Like you have never bought scraps before?  But what happens when you sew scraps together and trim to size?  Like rabbits, they breed!

More scraps!  Triangle-sized.  And really interesting triangles, too.  What to do?

Quick!  Grab MORE fabric and start making little squares and thinking outside the box (that's a pun).  This really should be fun!

I am just about to wrap this up and link my post to Sew Fresh Quilts' Friday Finish!  Glad to be back in bloggerland with you all, and thanks so much to my bestie who checked on me while I was gone!



  1. Your bags are so cute! And the trim on the zipper was a great touch. I sure enjoyed your little joke about the scraps and rabbits! Nice post, Debbie!

  2. Those bags are adorable! I love making bags, too. Will have to check out the pattern. I love that block. Someone gave me some leftovers from a quilt they made, strips sewn together like that. I've been wondering how best to use them. Think I'll give your idea a try!

  3. I love all your projects, but I like that scrap block the best! Mitered corners!! I've never done them, and they are soooo cute. So happy you are back to sewing and blogging! :)

  4. Love what you do with fabric and trims.

  5. Lovely to see you! And I absolutely adore the lace trim around those zips!!!


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