Starting the New Year with a WIP {No More} !

A lot has been happening, and the Holiday Season is just about tucked into our memories.  I am so happy to have a finish for the end of 2014!

Shards!  Persistence does pay off, and the further I got on it, the more inspired I was to finish it.

Interesting things happen when you do so much sewing on one small wall hanging:

For one thing, the batting is really worn out all around the edges.  I have turned and turned and rolled this baby so many times!

Here you see some of the batting and also the rows of stitches.  You can get an idea of just how close the rows are!

At each intersection of the squares, I turned back and repeated the direction I was sewing from.      No stitching crossed over the seams.  Letting the strips of color remain unquilted was wonderful.  The strips stand out, both visually and in texture.

One last thing, if you can see it-- the hanging it quite wavy!  The constant manipulation caused a lot of rippling in the final product.  I don't intend to wash or press the hanging as I want to maintain the texture, so wavy it remains!

Oh yes--the back!

The entire back is the crisscrossed with tight stitching.  I included two sample squares, one of which was too small to suit, and one which was too large.  The squares on the front, Goldilocks, are just right!  There is a hanging sleeve sewn into the top binding.

AND--we are linking it up--finally--to TFIFF, and I am happy as pie to do so!!

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Congratulations on finishing up Shards! It looks fantastic! Have you thought about slowly and carefully ironing / pressing out the quilt to help ease it back into flat? With just a touch of occasional steam it can help smooth things back out if done slowly and carefully.

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on the finish! I love the way you quilted it, the shards stand out very well. The back looks cool with the quilting in different directions

  3. It looks great Debbie, I'm so happy you finished your wallhanging! The texture of the quilting on the back looks so cool,


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