Time for New Projects!

It is SO time for me to start something new, and also to use up something "old".  Last night I downloaded some Valentine embroidery patterns, and thought that I might start some gift pillows.  I also have been itching to use some of my vast store of AMH fabrics, much of which is in small pieces, but all very much loved and usable.

Hubby and I ran out to enjoy some breakfast and stop at the grocery store, where a new quilting magazine popped right into my face.  Quilters World. (Spring, 2015)  On the front was a double Irish Chain in all it's glory, and the decision was made.

First, I had to set up the embroidery machine to start on the gifts:

And according to the machine, I had ninety minutes to go crazy cutting fabric squares for my new quilt.

Soon I had a lot of pieces cut and pressed and ready to go.  After testing the pattern directions, I realized that the blocks lent themselves nicely to chain piecing.  I believe the pattern called for 55 four-square sets, which I pretty much made up at random (as random as I allow myself to be).

Next up will be making up the blocks AND finishing the pillows.  I have pulled out a lot of pinks and reds from my stash for the pillows, but really have no idea where I am heading with them yet.  

Ah, sewing! What a joy!



  1. How cool that you were able to use your time to work on two projects. Excellent!

  2. Have I told you how envious I am of your embroidery machine?? LOL of course I have! I love those little squares of fabric - can't wait to see the pillows!

  3. I'm drooling over all those lovely AMH squares!!


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