One Down and Two to Go

I am so happy to announce at least one finish, my Water Ballet, the Hummingbird's Dance!

There was actually a lot of unpicking and resewing here, as I tried to get the best layout and flow that I could.  It was all worth it!

Some of the hexagons float, some were jazzed up with red print, and the overall effect is exactly what I wanted!

Many more one block wonders will be in my future, I am sure!  I love the back to be interesting also, and in this back I included every last scrap of the original fabric, along with a tiny piece of selvedge to name the print.  Enjoy!

I love the stitching pattern on the back!

This process has been wonderful for the learning process.  I hope you try the OBW!

This hanging will be in my Etsy shop directly!

Sew fun,


  1. I love how the one hexie looks like it's escaping through the red border! Super cute! The straight line quilting is perfect, and the way the design shows on the back is so nice. Thanks for sharing your quilt on MCM!

    1. Thank you Beth. It is so very much fun to do!

  2. WOW! What a fabulous, no...magnificent quilt! You must be very pleased!


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