Too Hot to Sew??

I am sad to say that the heat is getting to me!  Every day is almost 100 degrees with thunderstorms.  My sewing room is upstairs, and heat does rise!  I am taking refuge in EPP, and hand sewing continues to sooth me.

Speaking of EPP, my current project needs suggestions for colors to connect the blocks. Diamonds and star shapes will fill the spaces.  

After noticing the amount of green I was using I did branch out, but I am thrilled to use so much of my older Tula stash here.

I also uploaded a new T-shirt design to Amazon, and it suits me perfectly.  

Along with moving and gutting the new house (Chip and Joanne here) things have been hectic. I am pretty happy to actually have any quilting progress to report at all!

What are you working on?  Is it hotter where you live?  Ugh!

Sew fun,


  1. The heat just takes my energy level down to zero, so I understand not getting much sewing done when it's hot. Thank goodness for my AC! :) Love your EPP flowers!


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