Getting my Sewing Machine Back from the Hospital

My wonderful Juki has been laid up, and I have not been happy about it.  Many blogsters rave about their Juki's and how well they perform, what workhorses they are, and how much they love they love their machines.  So I bought one to go along with my Bernina, which is only about 20 years old.  Right away I was entranced with the thread cutter.  Wow.  I had heard of such wonders, but never experienced it!  Then, it all stopped with no warning.  The thread cutter just didn't work.  I could still piece, but not cut automatically. 

What a nightmare!  Six months later, my original seller, who is the nicest person ever, has fixed my machine and understands what I mean when I say, well, the machine doesn't sound or sew the way it used to.  Communication is everything, right?

I will be soon posting more pics of the Tula Pink sew along!


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