I started my blocks for the Tula Pink QAL .  There are one-hundred rather small blocks, all different, to make.  I take these blocks as a challenge of my fledgling piecing skills, and I welcome the challenge with open arms.  I am supposed to post my squares along with everyone else, but I did join half-way through, so I am just starting to post.  Never have I put my work out there for the entire quilting world to see before.  Even if no one looks at my blocks, I am nervous! 

So here are two blocks.  And two opportunities to improve.  One block has the meteor falling through the sky and right off the page.  This would be due to using a charm pack, but I've already spent enough money, right?  The next block is my attempt to work through the dreaded HSP.  I learned a lot, and this block will be redone. 


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