Finish it Friday and Kudos to My Bee Buds!

I am thrilled to have a finished project, and more thrilled that it is the September bee quilt from the New Bloggers Group Quilt Bee!  

I decided on a darker green for the border, and used the leftover black/gray strips from my Botanics jelly roll to bind the quilt.  Everything worked.  

Kudos to the bees in our group:  Pam, Lin, Kat, Jill, Stephanie, Christina, Cheryl, and Afton.

My hubby was staring at the quilt and I could see his gears turning.  He asked if we could present the quilt to the head of the chaplaincy department at our local medical center.  Hubby is a volunteer chaplain, and Donna, who is the head, works day and night to lead the volunteers and handle the crisis cases at the hospital.  She is an inspiration!  Since he has never asked for a quilt before, I knew he was very serious.  

A good finish for a wonderful person!

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  1. Wow, congratulations for the finish and getting the bee blocks turned into a quilt so quickly - it looks great!

  2. Congrats on a great finish and yay! for bee mates! :)


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