Finishes--What a way to end the week!!

I am pleased to announce a true finish--the Delightfully non-scarey bat wallhanging.  

It was a pleasure to make and so much fun to look at!  I was very interested in one of the directions in the tutorial, here.  And I quote from Elizabeth's tutorial:

"3. Use the 60° marking on your 6" x 24" ruler to create a straight edge along one side of the right-leaning strip set."

On MY 6" x 24" ruler.  Elizabeth must use HER 6" x 24" ruler so much that she thinks we all have one like it.  My ruler is actually 3.5" by 24".  I probably need one that is 6" by 24".  I may go to Joann's tomorrow and buy one.

I think my point is that we all have tools that we use over and over and feel that we must have them to do a good job.  I really do use my 3.5 ruler all the time.  What do you have in your sewing room that does the most work for you?  I'd love to know, as, again, I am heading to the store tomorrow, lol.

Honestly, we are probably all on budgets; however, good sewing tools make so much difference in our work and in the pleasure of creating, don't you think?

I also finished some bee blocks to send to Kate at threadeverywhere!  

One thing I love about our circle is the chance to make blocks that are new to me!  The blocks are in the mail, Kate!

And I may even be in time to link up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom quilts!



  1. Cute quilt! I'm a big fan of having rulers in many sizes. I think at last count I had 10. My favorite is the 8 1/2 " by 12. I use it so much the markings are starting to rub off! Happy shopping to you.

  2. visiting from crazy mum quilts. What a great quilt for a boy who is into batman!!

  3. Wonderful finish! I love how it turned out! The maple leaf blocks are gorgeous, too - wonderful colors and fabrics for this time of year.
    I have really come to realize how important it is to have the right tools recently as well. I have a 6.5" square ruler that I just stole from my mom (she had 2) that has already been immensely helpful. Other than that I use 2 carpenter's squares, but I have been eyeing several rulers to ask for as Christmas gifts. :)

  4. Yay! Your bat wall hanging looks fantastic ... I really want to make one too now! I have a 6x24 ruler too and love it. I also have a smaller 6x6 square ruler that gets a good work out especially when I'm doing HSTs.

  5. That wallhangng is awesome!! I've never seen anything quite like it.

  6. I got my blocks today! Love them! I would love to have more rulers, but I don't know which sizes would be most convenient--I never seem to have the one I want whenever I start a new project :) I probably use my 2.5x30 the most, because I use it for binding on every project.


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