The Anniversary of An Anniversary {I Think}

It's been only a little more than a year now since I bought an embroidery machine, simply because I wanted to embroider something for my daughter's wedding.  I usually take things to the limit when it could be quite simple, lol.  Like letting someone embroider a few tabletop pieces for me instead of buying a machine so I could do it myself!

The tabletop pieces turned out quite well, and when the wedding was over I knew right away they could be combined into an anniversary quilt for my daughter and her husband  I had used Kona gray to match the wedding décor and branched out from there.

One year later, (no really), I have a finished quilt.

The only embroidery I did on the toppers was to place initials in the corners.  If I did it over again today, I would do it differently, I'm sure.  I cut the initials out and combined them into nine patch and log cabin squares. The center block was embroidered with the couple's last name.

Today I gave the quilt to my daughter and her husband, and they were thrilled with it.  I had to laugh because she liked the back almost as well as the front.  I take a lot of time when I piece the back just to keep it interesting!  

This particular quilt was so much fun.  Very simple, the colors were enjoyable and bright, and Natalie and Zack love it!

I really have to get serious about Christmas gifts now!

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  1. This is a fantastic finish, Debbie! I like how similar their initials look with the font you chose. So glad they love it!

  2. What a clever idea! It came out beautifully. It's a real treasure for the young couple to have through the years.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! And yay! for you having an embroidery machine you can use for lots of gifts to come! :)


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