If it Isn't Broke, Break it!!! {Make it Work for You}

I brought home a sample zip up jersey from work.  It had an embroidered patch on it, kind of curled and ugly, but there was nothing wrong with the jersey.  It was a freebie.

After some thought, I decided to cut out the ugly patch.  Now I had a hole.  With a iron and some samples of stabilizer, I very carefully patched the hole, front and back.  My focus was to maintain the shape of the fabric.

You can see the size of the hole and also the patch.  About 2 inches by 3 inches-- a little larger maybe.

I hooped a tearaway stabilizer, sprayed it with a very happy amount of temporary adhesive, then smoothed the jersey in place over the hoop.

Now I was ready to stitch.  That was the easy part.  Finding the right design.  Hard.

The design needed to be fairly dense to cover the patch entirely, and not to leave any kind of indentation where there was no fabric underneath.  I didn't want another "bulletproof" design, but I did want good coverage.

I found this red shoe design in my files.  I do love a good pair of red shoes, don't you??  It completely fit the bill.  I covered the fabric with a topper to keep the stitches  orderly, and off I went.  It worked out so well!  I will absolutely try this switch-out in the future, probably on thrift store finds.

And we are done!!!  A Christmas design would have been great here, also!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, if my posting lacks in the next week!!!

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Hugs, Debbie


  1. I love zip up jerseys and sweaters for cooler weather. How awesome that you were able to re-purpose this to work for you!

  2. So creative! I am jealous of your embroidery machine! :)


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