Shards {Not Quite a Finished Project}

It felt SO GOOD to sit down at the machine and work on a real bona fide project!  Shards is ready to quilt!

I plan to drop by my quilting shop tomorrow after work to pick up some new thread.  What I have in mind is dense, probably matchstick quilting.  Although I love what I have done here, it is plain.  Just plain!  I have done quite a bit of dense quilting, but never matchstick, and I think it might work!  

Colorwise, I'd like to find a  variegated  thread with all of these brights in it, but not too shiny bright!  I know that made sense.  If you would like to make any color suggestions on the thread, have at it!  

Shards, the wallhanging, should end up around 24 inches square.  It was quite difficult for me to make the individual blocks, as nothing was intuitive, nothing really worked together for me, and I felt that I was always thinking backwards!  Just as when I made my flying geese circle!  However, it wasn't as if I was making an entire quilt, and the exercise was good for me.

I also struggled with the decision of overall shape.  In the end, I decided to keep a square shape, mirroring the individual blocks, and I am very happy with that choice.  

This piece will be fun to quilt!  I have a lot of pressure to get going, as Christmas gifts are waiting!

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  1. I might be tempted to get a neutral thread for the quilting that really blends into the background and leave the bright colors un-quilted so that they pop! I hope you have fun picking out your thread and quilting this one. :)

  2. Oooh I like Yvonne's suggestions ... those bright colours will really pop un-quilted :)

  3. I have to agree with Yvonne, too. It's so pretty. I just love that background fabric.

  4. I agree with the above three. Variegated bright would detract from the graphic design you have going. Matchstick in neutral might work if the thread is thin enough. I always hesitate to put light thread on dark or bright fabrics, but I've seen others do it and get a good effect. Maybe sew one block that resembles your blocks and try it to be sure before moving to the actual quilt.

  5. I don't think it's plain at all. The fabric you've chosen for the background gives the piece a depth that a solid wouldn't have. I agree with the others - neutral thread. :)

  6. I love looking at threads and choosing the perfect one. I really love your quilt--that background fabric looks like marble and is so beautiful. I don't think it is plain at all.

  7. Agreeing with all above-nothing boring about that gorgeous background fabric. I love the Shards themselves; I must find a tutorial and give that a try one day soon. Love how the brights contrast so skillfully with the patterned background. Keep on keeping on, your instincts with it so far have been spot on.


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