Friday Finishes! Celebration!

I am inordinately pleased to have some finishes to report for this week.  It is honestly amazing that it could happen!  I had to start a new job while continuing my old one, and my husband had emergency surgery.  Other than that we are good!

I have one bag done, and I realize that I did not credit the pattern to Pickle Pie Designs.  This bag turned out so cute, is fully lined, and worked up rather quickly.

I did a lot of experimenting with coordinating fabrics, and  variegated thread to see what would happen, would I like it, etc.  Small projects are a great time to experiment!
I really like how the quilting grid stitches right into the design.

I used another Amy Butler fabric on the inside.  This bag had a pocket on the outside.  One of my "experiments" was to leave off the pocket.  Next time I will include it again.

And now for my Sawtooth Star Quilt!   Whew, it feels good to have it complete and so pretty, too!

I decided to go with a straight line grid that would intersect the stars into pie pieces!  The thread is a King Tut cotton, all pinks and oranges, that picked up every single color in the quilt (well, not the gray).  Beautiful!  

The yellow star is so striking and the colored thread made perfect pie pieces.  

The thread shows up beautifully on the gray.  I still need to wash the quilt, which is evident from all the batting lint on the gray.

I am pleased as punch, and hope things calm down a touch.   Linking up to Can I get a Whoop Whoop!! at Confesisons of a Fabric Addict!



  1. Pleased as Punch would be a good name for the quilt. It is just gorgeous! Love the little pouch! Aren't they so much fun to make?

  2. My goodness you are doing well to have those lovely finishes! I hope your hubby is OK and that life calms down for you now xx

  3. Goodness, I hope that your husband is doing well, Debbie! The pouch is cute and the quilt finish is lovely! I do like how the thread color pops on the gray. Yay! :)

  4. I love that little bag, so darling! I hope everything is okay with your hubby. It's amazing you got so much finished this week - you go girl! :)

  5. I love your star quilt! I attempted to piece some 4" sawtooth stars in the hotel room at night when we were at the beach, in the dark, while suffering from intense sunburn... It did not go very well! I feel encouraged to get those blocks out again now, attack them with a seam ripper, and try it again with the good lighting in my sewing room. I hope all is going well for you and your hubby. Amazing that you got ANYTHING stitched with so much else on your plate right now! Congratulations on your lovely finishes.

  6. The sawtooth star is such a happy quilt!

  7. Lovely quilt, Debbie, and your pouch is perfect! You had a good week for finishes, amazing with all the other stuff you had going on. Whoop whoop!!


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