Wednesday WIP-- Embroidered Bag

I'm about ready to bring out a finished quilt; however, I wanted to sew up some in-the-hoop bags to keep on hand for gifts.  They are so cute, use very little fabric, and give me a chance to practice some appliqué.     I'm getting hooked on various styles of these bags, so I may be turning out quite a few!  And all those wonderful zippers in every color of the rainbow from Zipit on Etsy!  I love color, and I know you do, or you would not be quilting, lol.

Hope it isn't too late to link up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts!!!  Once I get a few of these bags done I'll post pics of the finished products!  



  1. It looks really cute. I'll watch for a finished product.

  2. Really cute and love that fabric! I'll be interested in see how you construct the final bag!

  3. The applique goes perfectly with the fabric. Have fun stitching up the bags! What a great idea to have some on hand for when you need a gift!

  4. Oh looking forward to seeing these :)

  5. I understand completely! I am definitely looking forward to seeing your finished quilt, and these bags are intriguing, too! :)

  6. Looks like it is coming together really well. Love the zipper color, it goes well with the fabric!


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