Made Some Bags! {Frog}

I managed to get two bags finished, one monogrammed and one for fun!  The one for fun actually cracks me up        

Okay, so I am easily amused but the frog looks so funny staring at me from the bag!  I had some of the Tula Pink Prince Charming frog left over, just enough to make this bag.

I had to cut my fabric quite carefully to make the most of my piece, and to get the froggy centered.  The design is from Pickle Pie Designs, and is completely made in the hoop.  

I added a pocket to the back, further complicating the small piece of fabric I had.  I ended up seaming the pocket on the inside and across the top, but I got the frog centered again!

The strap is matching ribbon and fabric with a small strip of batting.  I have quite a lot of batting strips in a pile.  You know, the pile of scraps that are too small to ever use again.  THAT pile!

The other pouch is smaller, and so cute.  I'll put that in the Christmas gift pile!

And now, we join our regularly scheduled quilting project, already in progress!  (not really, I have to get that started up again!)

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  1. Just love those bags!! They are so bright and cheerful. Yes, I have that pile of batting scraps, too! I've been using them up this summer, and the pile is dwindling. Guess I'd better get more quilts finished!

  2. So cute - the fussy placement of the frog is delightful. :)


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