Juki is Home and How I Showcase my Mini Quilts

Finally, my beast of a Juki is home.  It seems to be working well, and I decided to go ahead and baste my Sawtooth Quilt.  I had no desire to even baste the thing without my Juki to quilt it.

First though, I had to make the backing.  I initially dread the thought of making one, and then always enjoy it.  I love to piece the backing too, and see how it turns out.  I cut, sew, lay it out, then cut some more.

All of my orange and grey Denyse Schmidt in that particular line will be gone now, which is sad, but the fabric is there to use.  The camo-looking fabric is actually a grunge, not camo at all.  It looks all soft in real life.  

And we are ready to rock and roll!  I am going to use a variagated pinks thread for the straight  stitching   however, I am thinking, maybe, hopefully, of using a dark gray in the gray squares for some extra punch.  We will see!

The other item I wanted to show is a really neat way to show off a mini quilt.  I use them in my living room curtains to fill in the space.  It looks so nice and is a wonderful conversation piece! 

The ribbons are just pinned to the top to make it easy to change out the mini whenever I wish.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  I attended a Bernina Sewpalooza yesterday and had a truly wonderful time.  Lots of energy and fun ladies there.  I don't even own a Bernina but who cares!



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