Learning New Skills---The One Block Wonder

Because I have a very active Facebook group, I am constantly perusing other quilting pages for ideas and talent.  One of the techniques I became aware of was the One Block Wonder, and I was immediately fascinated.

The sewists who participate were ready and eager to give advice and I began a new journey!

While you can use yardage of your choice (and you should see some of the fabrics that are chosen) I decided to try a panel.  The quilt requires 6 identical panels to cut into triangles--the entire panels are decimated in this manner-- and then usually one panel to highlight somewhere in the finished project.  I purchased 8 panels, and will use one in the backing.

As you can see, my panel is very bright.  The sewn triangles, forming hexagons, seemed quite busy to me!  However, the end result is beautiful and so much fun.

I have a makeshift design wall for now, but I just managed to get the pieces arranged here.  The seventh panel is in the middle and the hexagons are arranged in swirls around that design.  At this point I will sew the rows, top to bottom, and then join the rows together.  No Y seams!

I have a plan for the borders and backing, but all of that is subject to change.  For today, here is what I have accomplished so far!

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  1. This is super cute!! I made my mom a OBW quilt for Christmas 2015. It was fun, and I'll probably make another one someday, but all of the matching points and pinning got really tedious after awhile.....
    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

    1. Thanks so much! I have loved the process --I hope you try again!

  2. So pleased to see this! I just got the book several months ago and have been looking for suitable fabrics....never thought of a panel. Yours turned out so well...great color variety in your triangles.

    1. Thank you so much! I really learned it from you tube!

  3. Oh, my! This looks like a very ambitious project! I'll look forward to seeing the big finish! XO

    1. Have you ever tried one? It is so much fun!


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