Water Ballet--in a Quilting Blog!

Starting a new project is fun and very thought-provoking.  Even if I have a pattern for a quilt, I made veer off to one side or the other and change things up.

When making one block wonders the possibilities are ENDLESS!  The time it takes to match your fabric, cut your strips and triangles, then stitch the hexagons, gives you the chance to really look at what the fabric is doing and saying.  And fabric can be very loud when it wants to tell you something!

I had two yards of this fabric

I had to cut the fabric into 12 inch segments and match the pattern on the six pieces, stacking and pinning them exactly..  Then I cut 3 inch strips and those strips were cut into 60 degree triangles.  The cutting is so easy!

Here are some of the hexagons that resulted, and why I will name this quilt Water Ballet.

As I sewed the triangles together I noticed that the hummingbirds seemed to swim in and out, sometimes hiding, sometimes floating on top.  Since the 6 triangles are the same, I was seeing a synchronized swimming effect!

The start of something wonderful here!

The plan then, is to arrange the hexies in groups that will showcase the floating and also the swirls in their headdresses-- Esther Williams style!

Not that my other works-in-progress are done, but I do love a new challenge, don't you?

Sew fun,


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