Texture in a quilted piece is like ice cream on pie!  The extra bit that makes you want more.

I recently finished a large wall hanging by Fiberworks, Laura Heine, and I love the colors and finished top.  The applique pieces were large and I did struggle with them, but I kept trying different methods of applique--in the same piece, no less, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Each piece of fabric was from my stash and so all I had to purchase was the pattern.  I also did buy Fiberworks' applique iron-on interacing, which was used in the red flower pieces. The edges were turned under as I appliqued.  Due to the size of the pieces I wasn't happy with the method.

When I began the leaves, I resorted to good old Wonder Under and used raw edge applique.  I already knew I was going to quilt very densely, and I enjoyed cutting and applying the leaves much more.

So here is some really dense matchstick-type quilting.  I ran the lines close together, but not completely straight.

Tip--use your Hera Marker to mark lines, maybe 2.5 inches apart, just to keep you on track.  The dense quilting added the most AMAZING texture to the wall hanging, and gave it an extra dimension.  Remember to stitch your lines a little randomly in order to get the texture going, and don't mind if some cross!

Two more pics to show you how the stitching develops.  

Soon I will show you the finished project with a tiny twist!

Hugs to all,

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  1. I agree, quilting adds the most amazing texture and matchstick quilting is the best! Looking forward to seeing more of this piece!

    1. Beth, so good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for commenting. I am headed to your blog! Are you on FB?

  2. This is just beautiful -- the colors sing! I know what you mean about struggling with different applique methods. There is no one "best method" out there, but different techniques work better for different projects! I'm glad you gave yourself permission to try something different midstream.

    1. Rebecca, you are so right--I really did have to give myself permission to do this differently! Funny!! Thank you for your comments!!

  3. Once upon a time, I was aghast at how many quilters were 'machine quilting' instead of hand quilting. But now, while I admire hand quilting to the hilt, I'm very passionate about machine quilting, and I couldn't agree with you more! I love this piece, and look forward to seeing it upon completion! ~karen

    1. Many quilters feel the same way about machine quilting. I do love my handiwork, but both hand and machine have their place
      Your comments are so kind, as always!!


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