(Aviatrix) Butterflies in my Stomach

I tried.  Really.  First I made two butterfly blocks by Elizabeth's pattern, with the templates I made.  They were terrible.  Then, I remembered that Rita from Red Pepper Quilts had put out a tutorial for an ENTIRE butterfly quilt awhile back, so I looked that up.  I actually went out and purchased a triangle ruler (didn't have one and probably needed it, lol) and tried again.

The block on the left is my first try with the triangle ruler.  Wonky.  Not at all like my usual precise self.  I thought that I should try again and not trim it until I put the two wings together.  The block on the right hand was finished with that completely bright idea!  It is better, but really, I cannot see myself making 70 butterfly blocks.

As much as I hate to leave that row off of my Aviatrix quilt, I also feel strongly that I need to enjoy the process of making a thing of beauty.  I do not quilt to fret and fuss over what I create, but to learn and delight over colors, stitching, and finishing something that I really love.  A piece that I may give away and be proud of.  So, bye bye butterflies.

I am holding off on finishing the quilt top as yet, and may place a border of simple blocks all the way around, finishing with a larger gray border to keep the quilt in balance.  And life goes on, right!!


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