The gift that keeps on giving (or something like that)

I really wanted to share part of my weekend with you.  It started with taking Friday off from work to drive to mom's house.  She lives only an hour away and was thrilled for the company.   I took a bag full of leftover triangles from various projects.  While hubby made some repairs on her house, mom and I sewed!

If one makes enough quilts with flying geese or x-plus blocks, one soon has a plethora of triangles littering the cutting table!  It is an amazing phenomena, but a happy one!  Fabrics which are already matched and just sitting there to be played with!

  With the help of a simple chain stitch I soon had garlands of triangles everywhere.  Mom's machine does the little start and stop thingy where the foot lifts slightly if you stop, which made it quite easy to slide another triangle right underneath.   Unfortunately, it also made this weird sound, like a huge "nyett", which was a tad bit disconcerting, each time the presser foot would lift.  

Soon, the triangles were completely sewn...

and the pressing and trimming began.

Don't you just love it when mama and daughter fabrics play well together??

I leave you with one more picture--of my mom.  I am truly sorry that the handle of her sewing machine completely photo bombed her face, but the picture is so important.  Mom is 85 years old, and she just purchased that Pfaff a few months ago!  Mom just felt that she needed a new machine and bought it on impulse.  She has sewn her entire life I think.  The quilt she is sewing in the picture is her very first quilt to be machine quilted instead of hand quilted, ever!  Isn't it pretty?  It is a wedding present for my daughter, Natalie, even if the gift is belated.  I think my mom rocks!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all!  Both my dad and my step-dad were WWII veterans, and I am proud of them both!  


  1. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time with your mum. My mother-in-law is 85 too and every year she flies from London to Australia to visit us - we are so lucky that they are both young and spirited for their age!


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