Back from my self-imposed banishment.

I really have been sewing, quilting, and having fun....

So much has happened, and now I am ready to be serious.  I have not behaved like an empty-nester at all.  I want to share and not simply lurk, right?

Several months ago I spotted the Aviatrix quilt on Elizabeth's wonderful blog.  She had promised a pattern, and I started to purchase material in anticipation. The row that you are seeing here is row three. Sigh.  I have made many an x-plus block and loved every scrappy minute, but these blocks were almost the undoing of me.  When I finished it was as if I had broken through a wall!

Underneath the x-pluses is a row of little tiny squares, 1 inch by 1 inch.  How fun!  That went together so quickly and on to the next row!

Now these little cheerful blocks started to come together like wildfire.  My next post will show them all completed, with a nice white border!  I think that the row has 40 blocks.  

I must confess that as I sew I am dreaming of the next quilt in line.  Why is that?  I am going to join a QAL!   

I have plenty of pictures to post, warnings for you all (like, if you think your rotary cutter is getting dull, don't believe it).  

More later, I promise!!


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