Baby Swoon!

While I am considering what to do with my Aviatrix quilt, I have to keep busy with something else.  Conventional wisdom would say to finish up  a few WIPs, but my instinct what telling me to start something new!  NEW! Would would have thought that I could find a little pile of this most beautiful Papillon, an older Moda fabric by 3 Sisters.  I had made a larger quilt from it a few years back and gifted it to a dear friend, and saved a good 6 fat quarters!

Recently I purchased the Swoon pattern by Camille Roskelley.  It has only been waiting for some fabric a little while, and now, inspiration strikes!!!


 The interesting thing about the Swoon pattern is that you really have to just start cutting the squares and rectangles, and then sewing them together, very carefully, following the pattern.  Read the pattern very carefully!   When you take a little extra time on your first block to do this, everything goes together smooth as silk!    See?

 A first of four corner blocks-

And a finished Swoon Block!  More to come as I work out the details.


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