Name Dropping....

And the girls are here!  Yesterday, I received a package from I Don't Do Dishes.  Wow.  Tula, Denyse, Anna Maria, all there! 

Caitin McIntyre is the owner of this shop on Etsy, and her service is wonderful.  The little bundle on the left, with the bright pink, is a custom bundle that she created. 

Okay, so I haven't untied any of the bundles.  I need some help.  What will give me the exact inspiration to make me cut into these lovelies?   Help!!!!!


  1. When I can't decide what to make, I go to Pinterest. Even if you just search quilt, or tula pink, you'll get tons of inspiration all very quickly and easy to navigate. Maybe that'll help? :D

    1. Oh, what a great idea! Writers get writers block, I suppose quilters get quilters block or something!

  2. It is OK to leave them on your sewing table for a little while and just admire the loveliness before taking to them with scissors. That's what I tell myself, anyway.


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