1, 2, 3 Friday Finishes!

I had hoped for three bound and finished pieces for the weekend, to clear my plate for new projects.  Such small pieces to bind, too!  And I did it.  

The three items, all in their glory, although I am a little  embarrassed to say that I am only just now getting around binding my flying geese mini.  

Here you can see the backing fabric for my Mystery Scrap quilt.  The vintage fabric is delicate looking but really seems as if it should be a flannel!  My first thought was to do a scrappy border too, but, the quilt really needed to have one fabric to keep the quilt cohesive.  And yes, there is the little place where the back was puckery.  If I had just unpicked that place I would have been unhappy with the stitching, sigh.

And very happy with my sailboat finish.  The dotted Denyse Schmidt fabric was perfect for the binding!  Yea!  I believe I have a close-up of the wavy stitching I used to, well, make waves!

Yes, here is the wavy stitching!

I need a break.  Not from sewing, from everything else that is going on so that I can sew!  

The weekend is full of promise--a class at my local fabric shop, some new embroidery projects to try (excited about these) and helping my hubby cook about a ton of barbeque, southern style.
Not to mention the  Craftsy's Summer Supplies Clearance   sale that started today.  Hope to snag some great deals for my new projects, as I have nothing in my stash, right?  (Wrong, of course, and just to mention I am a Craftsy affiliate).  

I hope that you have some finishes, too!  Or, if not, some new projects started, lol!  I see that TFIFF is kindly being hosted at QUOKKA today.  Pop over there for some lovely finishes also. 


  1. Yay for your finishes!! :) I Placed my first fabric order with Craftsy this past week and had my fabric in three days! FAST service and I love the fabric I got.

  2. Nice finishes. Love the sailboats ... :) Pat

  3. Wonderful finishes! Sometimes the smaller things are really the hardest to bind - less room to work. Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful and sew-tastic weekend. :)

  4. Doesn't it feel good to get things finished up? The wavy quilting is sweet on the sailboat quilt. :-)

  5. great finishes, I totally understand about wanting the rest of life to calm down so I can sew.

  6. Love that wavy stitching! I was thinking of using something similar in my Drift quilt :)


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