A Good Finish--Almost!

My Mystery Scrap Quilt is ready to be bound, and I am thrilled with it.  Funny how something so simple can make me so happy!  I just like a color jumble, that's all.

Of course, nothing is quite that simple.  Mom had given me a rather large piece of vintage fabric, and I kept thinking I would like to use it as a backing.  I should have kept thinking....always gets me in trouble.  It was very thin.  I really have to wonder what that piece of fabric would have been used for "in the day".  

I basted as usual and was very satisfied with how it all looked, and started to sew.  Because of all the odd sized pieces involved, I made my rows of stitching rather random also.  And found out that I had some puckering.  Yuck.  I removed some of the quilting which I never have to do.  Double yuck.

When I was finished quilting in one direction, I realized that the quilt did not want any more stitching.  It felt done.  Okay, that's weird but who am I to argue with my quilt?  I spread it out and saw rather more puckering on the back than I had ever had before.  Now we are up to a triple yuck, and I left it on the floor.

I did NOT want to pick out this Aurifil thread!

After worrying for a long time about picking out Every Single Stitch in the quilt, I came back and examined my work.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought!  But I learned a lesson about using thin fabric.  Don't.   

I shall be back tomorrow with Good News and hopefully three bound and finished items!  Yea for finishes!  Meanwhile, linking up to Kelly at Needle and Thread Thursday!!

Happy stitching to all!


  1. Wow, this is nearly done and looking great still. Unpicking is never fun but if something is bothering you it's the only way.

  2. It looks lovely! I recently had a huge unpicking job due to using thin thread. Just shows quality will prevail. I'm glad you were happier when you returned to it!

  3. I should be writing down all the lessons I'm learning about what NOT to do when quilting! :) Unfortunately, this one (thin fabric) would already be on my list. I love the way your quilt is turning out!

  4. Oh, sorry to hear about the tucks on your backing. It can be really maddening to fight keeping a backing to lay flat.

  5. I like scrappy quilts. Thanks for posting this one. I wish you luck on those finishes today.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment on my Windmill quilt. I just wanted to advise you not to look too close at the quilting or you may change your mind. Thanks for stopping by.


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