Not so Finished!

Where to start?  At the beginning, obviously.  The Sailboat Block quilt top is finished and I am so pleased!  With all of my sewing machine troubles I will be quilting it on my Babylock.  Troubles to be discussed shortly!  First I want to enjoy the cute sailboat quilt top.

Gotta love the anchor sashing fabric.

Is the picture of the Juki box throwing you off?  No, I am not getting a new machine.  My Juki is being mailed off once again for repairs.  Third time to be mailed off, fourth time for repairs, and the machine is about two years old.  Last week I was practicing FMQ and the machine went bonkers, snarling and breaking threads and behaving worse than its usual self.  It has a history of all these things and more, but this was worse, so off to the repairman again.

And out with my 20-plus year old Bernina.  Old faithful.  Thank goodness for a backup machine, right?

I pulled it out, plugged it in and decided to start strip-sewing a lot of pieces that were cluttering up my cutting table, and a mystery quilt is taking shape.  At least, it is a mystery to me how it will turn out!  How fun!

I have a lot of squares from my HST bonanza, which may show up somehow.  The mystery only deepens!  These strips and squares may take awhile as they are scraps.  I don't think that I am likely to cut into anything to add to the strips (shudder).  

If you have made any mystery quilts I would love to see yours.  Inspiration is welcome!

Hope your week is wonderful... Debbie


  1. I hope they sort out your Juki this time ... The sailboat top tuned out beautifully!

  2. The sailboat top is so cute! Good job getting all the anchors going the right way, those tips worked out great! ;) I am sorry to hear about your Juki - I hope it gets sorted out!

  3. Loving the sailboats quilt!! Sorry your machine has to go out for repair again. I'd be firing a letter to Juki so fast......


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