I think I need advice!

My Sawtooth Quilt top is finished, and I am completely happy with the way it turned out.  I plan to purchase the batting today and check out my stash for the backing.  Here is my  dilemma: what color of thread would you use to quilt this top, with such a contrast in the gray Kona and the oranges and pinks.  As soon as I laid the pieces out and saw the secondary pattern playing out, I knew that I wanted to do some diagonal lines.

So, what you YOU do?

I'd like to use a lot of the leftover top fabric to piece a color baby quilt, and start to practice FMQ. That should be fun!

Linking up to some fun Thursday sites!!  Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation. And Blossom Heart Quilts is hosting today's I Quilt linky!  

Happy July 4th!!

Hugs, Debbie


  1. Ooh, good question! It's always so hard with such colourful quilt tops (which is totally beautiful by the way - I love all the colours you chose!). My first reaction is if you want the thread to blend so that the quilting texture shows up then I'd go with a pale grey, like a dove grey, or maybe a lavender (you have a sawtooth star, second up from the bottom right which is a beautiful pale purple which might be a good match?). My second reaction, cos I like contrasting quilting a lot, is to go with a hot pink or bright yellow - but that is not for everyone and will show up all of your quilting and any mistakes (I know this intimately).

    Maybe, the best idea is to grab the quilt top, go to your local quilt shop if you have one handy, and then just audition some threads and lay some thread ends out across part of the quilt top. See which ones blend best across the various blocks and background?! I've seen Gemma and others show pictures on instagram of them auditioning threads this way and it's amazing how one thread can just blend in across a variety of blocks!!

    Hope I was helpful, and not just extra confusing. Really love the quilt top!

  2. I guess I would audition a variegated pink/orange and a gray. Where do you want the quilting to disappear and where do you want it to pop? If you want to keep the gray neutral, then I'd probably color match to the Kona. Good luck deciding!

  3. Good luck deciding! Gray was my first thought. Yvonne makes an excellent point. So much to consider.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! I love a good star.:))
    Regarding the thread, If it's not too late, you could go with a grey that is one or two shades lighter than the background.

  5. HI! I came over to visit from Jan's blog Sow and Sow Farm (she's having a giveaway). Your quilt is gorgeous. If it were up to me to choose thread I would either choose a variegated thread with several of the colors in the quilt if I could find one or use a light to medium grey.


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