A Weekend, a WIP and Craftsy (in that order!)

Camp Grandma opened on Friday evening and kept enrolling grands until Sunday afternoon!  Whew.  But who could resist those faces and all that energy?  And how could I not be thrilled to hear, Grandma, can you put my initials on my beach towel?  Grandma, can you put my initials on my pink tote?  Grandma, I really want a t-shirt with a pocket and my initials on it.  Grandma, can you fix my tank top and my sweater?

And I could.  And I did.  And who else should, but Grandma?  

However, last night I quilted my Circle of Flying Geese.  My Juki is absolutely determined to mock and frustrate me.  

Right away it started skipping stitches, and several of my sharp turns were cut off.  I had no idea at all how to quilt this puppy, so I jumped right in.  I realized that it would have been nice to try out a new kind of quilting thread so the thread would not be so obvious on the tight spaces, and immediately ordered some Aurifil.  This will be a new choice for me!  

However, I also realized that the quilting  didn't show up at all on the back, which is too bad.  Should have used a solid or something very low volume.  

But here is the quilted top, and I like it.  It still needs binding.

I would use this pattern again!  I will also entertain any constructive criticism.

In my effort to learn more and upgrade my skills, I want to take some Craftsy classes.  I've ordered fabric from them and have actually taken a free class, which was enjoyable.  I decided to become an  affiliate, as sometimes I'm just a joiner, what can I say?  

As an  affiliate, I will benefit if you click on Craftsy from my site (disclaimer, which is new for me).   Mostly, I hope to have fun.  Ok then.  In two days, I get to post a Craftsy surprise!  

Debbie, signing off and linking up, to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts. Be sure to pop over there and catch Jo at Riddle and {Whimsy}.  She's also had her moments with paper piecing!


  1. Love that block - still looks very nice despite the Juki!

  2. So sorry to hear that your Juki was fussing over the quilting. I recently (finally) discovered that my machine is really fussy about stitch length. I'd definitely recommend some practice blocks and trying lots of different things to see if you can figure out what your machine likes!

  3. I had skipped stitches with my Janome .. it was't happy until I re-threaded the needle then it just happily sewed along again. Weird, but a simple thing to try if it keeps happening :) Are you going to keep this as a mini quilt r make it into a cushion?

  4. I usually give up and try next day if my machine is cranky :-) Camp grandma made me smile. I'll be using camp grandma during summer for sure.


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