Craftsy is offering a sale on classes {Pick Your Price Sale}

I am excited to announce the sale at Craftsy on their classes.  In fact, I am just about finished with my FMQ class by Angela Walters.  The class, called Machine Quilting:  Small Changes, Big Variety, was offered to me as a gift, and I was allowed to choose ANY class I wished.  Although the choice was difficult, I had to go with Angela.  I knew it was about time I jumped onto the FMQ bandwagon and started improving my skills.

Angela is so comfortable in front of the camera, and she seems to be right there talking with all of us.  I have a lot of quilt tops right now, and haven't tried to quilt any because I want more--more skill, more designs, more depth, I don't know.  I just need to up my game.  This class was perfect.  

I also took her advice and ordered a Supreme Slider to place under my presser foot.

Craftsy's Pick Your Price Promotion!
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I hope to have yet another quilt top started soon! My curtain rod is too bare to suit me!

The sawtooth blocks have been taken down and added to the pile.  They will make their debut soon.  Until then, quilt on!



  1. Hmmm, I'd like to improve my FMQ skills before I tackle an actual quilt, too. I'll check into Angela's class based on your recommendation! Thanks for the heads up! I like your idea to use a curtain rod w/hanging clippie things on your display wall. Pretty clever.


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