I DO have a Finish!

Honestly, I thought the entire week would go by and I would have no finished projects to show!  Not only did I actually finish a pillow, I took the time to show how I did it so that I would have a tutorial!  I hate to measure if I don't have to, and my zippers are very easy to do, without measuring and use very little pinning!

Yes, I am starting with the finished project!  I do love my pillow!  Now, I going to just jump in here and assume you have a pillow top that you want to finish up!  If not, why?  Surely you have plenty of stash to use up!  All you need to purchase is a zipper that is longer than your pillow is wide.

Take a length of backing fabric that is only a little wider than your pillow, but about six inches longer.  I just lay my top on the fabric and cut around the top.  Turn one end under into a 1/4 inch hem (use the end that is the 6" longer side).  

Attach your zipper along the edge you just hemmed.  One end of the zipper will hang off the end.

Now, because we don't feel like measuring, just lay your top onto the backing fabric, with the zipper somewhere in the middle, and cut off the rest of the fabric.  You have two pieces, and the second piece will be attached to the other side of your zipper.

Take the edge of your second piece and simply iron the edge into a hem.  Iron the raw edge back under maybe 1/2 an inch.  

All you have to do now is lay the ironed edge over the zipper and pin that edge in place.  I like to match the inside folded edge to the upper edge of the zipper.  Stitch along the top about an inch from the folded edge, in a straight line.  You can actually guesstimate that line successfully!

Pin the end where the zipper pull is and OPEN THE ZIPPER!!! You will really want to open the zipper before you finish the pillow!

Pin your backing and pillow top, and stitch around, finishing your edges any way you wish.  The way cool thing is that you have NO hand sewing to do.  If you followed the instruction to open the zipper before sewing around, you can simply turn the pillow cover inside out, insert a form, and you are done!  

Here is another pic from a finished pillow cover:

And another from a great Friday finish!

Yes, Brice was finished this week, too!  My foster son Gabe, and his wife Adrienne, gave birth yesterday to Aidan Brice.  Such a tiny little treasure!

I hope that my tute wasn't too confusing, but helpful.  I find it very easy to do.  I am going to be blogging soon about my attempts with FMQ, so please stay tuned!

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  1. Oh what a lovely finish and a happy little bundle! Congratulations to you and your family :)


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