Bee Angst or {B}angst

As part of my inclusion in the wonderful New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop group, I joined the New Bloggers Group Bee.  Our first month is at hand, and the Queen Bee is none other than Pam Wilde of Sewing Wilde blog.  Pam sent fabulous instructions along with her request for our first two blocks.  

If you remember, I recently had difficulty following the paper piecing instructions for the a circle of flying geese block, and blamed attributed it to lack of experience with paper piecing or my brain or something!  After making these bee blocks, though, I wonder if it is just me.  Some kind of undiagnosed dyslexia.  


First, I wanted to follow Pam's instructions to the letter.  Some strips to read as solids, but the blocks as a whole to read low volume, prints with white backgrounds.   We agreed as a whole to use stash fabric.  Wow, who knew that my stash was so bold and bright and not low volumey.  First hurdle.  

Then I cut my thumb opening a small package from Missouri Quilt Company, which is usually an occasion for joy.  Then I kicked a box of thread and I believe that I broke my pinky toe.  Still, I made the second block.

I really do like my blocks, even though they are not what I would usually make.  So why the {B}angst?  Here are the blocks together---

Yup, the long edges, with the ladybugs, match up with my flying geese.  One goes clockwise and one goes counterclockwise.  Really?

Pam, bless her heart, likes them!  And I'll get them into the mail to her.  Everyday is a new learning process!  

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  1. Ha! I felt the same way about my stash when I was pulling my fabric for these blocks this weekend. You sure are speedy with your bee blocks! Looking forward to see how all of our bee quilts turn out!


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