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I am more than excited to show you my quilt-in-progress!  I don't quite remember when I first saw the x-plus block but I remember thinking that it looked hard to do.  WRONG.  It is so easy and so much fun!  I found this fabulous tutorial here by Megan at City Stitches. What I really like about this tute is that the finished size is big, 12.5 square, and the pieces are easy to cut because they are pretty uniform (lots of 3.5 sizing). 

 I immediately fell in love with this block and made 24 more!  My hubby hung a curtain rod over my sewing table, and I hang WIPs from it so that I can gaze in admiration at fabrics and designs!  How well those colors play together!!

And I love this single block with the bird in it.  I don't love every block by itself, but together, they are fabulous.  

To lay the squares out, I simply took the stack and put them down pretty much in the order they came.  I'm afraid you will notice a grevious error in one block; however, going with my first instinct, letting the squares fall where they may, I let it go.  I am rather surprised at myself, but I did.   Help me out here--how do you pick a binding for such a wondrous top?  

Plum and June

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Happy Wednesday to you all, and remember to show me your x-plus blocks!  I am seriously in love with them all, scrappy or not!

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  1. Very nice! I love the x- plus block. I have not done one yet but it's definitely on my "to do" list. :)

  2. Oh this came out wonderfully...love all the bright colors and am motivated to try the x-plus pattern too!

  3. this is really pretty. I love the way they look all pieced together. I think this should be on my to do list as well! :) Dropping by from Lee's WIP hop: http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2014/06/wip-wednesday-june-4th.html

  4. beautiful! i love the colors you chose.

  5. I love all the blocks together, too. I would probably audition several different solids and select one for the binding.

    1. A solid would be good I think! I had chosen a very quiet background from my stash, and started to lay it all out, but then I realized that I bought that piece for sashing and it wasn't large enough. So THEN, sigh, I pieced it with more low volume fabric. It should work out in the end. I will try different solids! Thanks!

  6. oh gosh, those are just too cool!
    I'm doing x's in the Goodnight Irene.
    I'm going to have to check out that tutorial and put it in to favorites for later.

  7. Oh they do all play so nicely together! I'd probably pic a dark solid binding to frame it - maybe one of the dark purples or navy blues in the fabric?


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