Inspiration Strikes!

I recently saw a truly beautiful quilt on Maryse's blog.  It was her Superstars Quilt.  I do love AMH fabrics, and I was entranced by the sawtooth block.  I also loved her finishing border.  Ok, I also loved the richness of her fabric background choice, and the whole quilt just jumped off the page at me, practically screaming at me to make one. 

I had been collecting Denyse Schmidt fabrics for awhile, waiting for the right pattern to present, and while waiting, purchased some charcoal gray Kona for the background.  That particular gray is rather fabulous and deep.  Love it!  Would you not know, as soon as this sawtooth pattern showed up, I began to doubt my color choice, and worried if the gray was going to do the job.  Insert hand-wringing here!

I looked at the gray in the morning AND in the evening, and then I decided to well, make a square!  And fell in love.  So here we are!

I made a few more blocks right away and I was right, these blocks are keepers!  I am particular entranced by the way that squares and triangles can be cut, clipped, sewn, and with no problems whatsoever, turned into a star.  Just like that!  This quilt requires 30 stars, and I think that I will take my time and just enjoy making them.  No rush, no deadlines, just turning squares into flying geese, and flying geese into stars! 

By the way, Maryse gives credit for her tutorial to Rachel from Stitched in Color for her tutorial, which you will find here.   The only thing that Maryse changed was her method for making flying geese, and Maryse gave her own measurements for that.  I would recommend also making those fast and furious flying geese, as there is no waste, and the geese are so easy.  No triangles to cut!  See?

Keep these tools handy: an omnigrid ruler for marking center quarter inch and hera marker!

Stitch the center line two lines then cut BETWEEN them, right down the middle.
Score another double line on each side of your marking ruler, stitch, and cut BETWEEN your stitched lines.

Press, and trim to size

The pictures I posted are not really an exhaustive tutorial, but here is the original by Carrie Nelson.  It is great!

Ok, peeps, that's all for today!   On Wednesday we will be treated to another Blog Hop from the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop so stay tuned!!

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  1. The gray is great - the colors are really going to pop with it!


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